Journalist, writer, public speaker.

TED speaker (TED Global Summit, Banff, June 2016) and TEDx speaker (TEDx Thessaloniki, April 2016). 

Journalist currently at BBC 100 Women at the BBC World Service. Work published by organisations including the BBC, The Guardian, Evening Standard, Metro, The Independent, Channel 4 News, The Telegraph, The Debrief, The Madurai Messenger, The NUS, The Tab and The AIDS Legal Network. Previously: Multimedia Journalist at BBC Wales, BBC Journalism Trainee, Steering committee member for BBC 100 Women, Duty Manager for HighTide Theatre.

Public speaker at Clear Lines Festival (2015), Lughnasa International Friel Festival (2015), Women of the World Cambridge (2016), Evening Standard Young Progress Makers Festival (2017), Heresy Consulting (2017) - 'Moral Courage and Business Leadership', University of Chicago (May 2017). Interviewee on BBC Radio 4 PM, BBC Newsbeat and BBC World Service (2015) and Channel 4 News (2016).

Social enterprise founder of the international #NotGuilty campaign against sexual violence and victim-blaming featured in The Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, Evening Standard, TIME, BBC, World Bank Group, Channel 4, Elle, Metro, Le Monde, The Guardian's alternative New Year's honours (2015), Sheryl Sandberg's optionb.org, Stylist, and the book 'LGBT & The Criminal Justice System'. Ambassador for Campfire Care. Previously: researcher for The AIDS Legal Network, Cape Town, in 2014.

Wrote a thesis on the trolling and uglification of women in the public sphere from 17th century to modern day Twitter. 

Outside of work interests include climbing mountains, outdoor sports, travel, music, wild swimming, theatre, literature, food & equality. Preferably all at once.