A sample of BBC news reports, features and original investigative data pieces for BBC online, radio, TV and social media. 2017–present.


BBC Trending: Health Misinformation – The problem with a viral Instagram ‘cure’

I produced and reported this investigation into a man with millions of social media followers pushing unproven cures for chronic illnesses for the BBC World Service’s programme, BBC Trending. The online article, which can be read here, was viewed by more than 1.3 million people and the half hour radio documentary and podcast can be found here.

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From Our Own Correspondent: The Instagrammers’ Paradise fighting Gentrification

My first report for BBC Radio 4’s From Our Own Correspondent was on how one Instagrammers’ paradise in Cape Town, Bo-Kaap, has been fighting gentrification – and how Instagram is worsening the problem. It’s available on this link from 12 minutes in.


BBC Minute: Films & News Explainers

I interviewed two young women about their experiences of infertility and the stigmas, both societal and cultural, that it can cause:

My interview with Natasha Bishop, who was born without a womb, had tens of thousands of views across multiple BBC Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and had positive engagement from both influencers and other young women talking about their experiences.

My interview with Marian Kwei shed light on the cultural stigmas she received from family in West Africa about childlessness and had engagement across the BBC World Service’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

I also produced this film on how a woman’s skincare helped her anxiety, and these digital video explainers on pro-democracy protests in Iraq, Turkey’s military operation against the Kurds in Syria, how brands are getting caught up in China’s censorship of Hong Kong protests, World Mental Health Day, diversity in the climate movement, rising sea levels, indigenous climate activists, West Papua racism riots and xenophobia in South Africa.

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Radio 4’s Beyond Today Podcast: The Bystander Effect: Are We All Guilty?

I reported and fixed contributors for my podcast on: The Bystander Effect: Are We All Guilty? It was broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s Beyond Today podcast on BBC Sounds and Apple Podcasts – and was in the top 10 performing episodes for BBC Sounds on the week of release. Download here or on the BBC Sounds app.


BBC Minute/BBC News Online: Rise in nude photos sent to phones on public transport

My report on the rise of cyberflashing was the most watched video on the BBC website for three days, a BBC Video of the Day and featured on multiple BBC social media accounts including the BBC World Service, BBC Minute and BBC3. I also did a live two-way on BBC World Service radio’s OS programme, and the story led BBC London TV News.


BBC Politics: Boris Johnson on the Prime Minister’s offer to resign

My doorstep interview with Boris Johnson after Theresa May offered to resign, in exchange for support for her Brexit deal, was used on the BBC 6 and 10 o’clock news and ITV News at 10.

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BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ Programme: The women overshadowed by their male relatives

I reported, edited and produced five radio packages for BBC Radio 4’s Today programme (8.20am slot) and BBC World Service radio’s World Update programme about women in history who were overshadowed by their male relatives. I also fixed modern day ‘champions’ of these women as interviewees off the back of my packages - including Chelsea Clinton. The write-up of Chelsea Clinton’s interview had 2 million views on the BBC website and can be read here.

The online animated videos of the five women’s stories can be viewed here: Simone Cousteau, Mileva Einstein, Fanny Mendelssohn, Katsushika Oei and Caroline Herschel. These were translated into languages across the BBC World Service including Punjabi, Swahili, Portuguese and Thai.


BBC News Online, Victoria Derbyshire & BBC World Service Radio: The women imprisoned for their husband’s crimes

I produced this video about the women imprisoned for their husband’s crimes in Madagascar for the BBC’s 100 Women season. It was most watched on the BBC website, aired on Victoria Derbyshire and I did a live two-way about the story for the BBC World Service radio’s programme Outside Source.

Watch the video here, and listen to the live two-way below.


BBC News Online and BBC TV 6 o’clock news: Domestic abuse and disability

My Freedom of Information investigation into the number of domestic violence refuge spaces in the UK that are accessible to people with physical disabilities was one of the top front page stories of the BBC website. The FOI data also was featured in a TV package on the 6 o’clock news by the BBC’s Disability Correspondent, and regional breakdowns of my data were used in TV packages and online articles for BBC Wales.


BBC News Online: Domestic Abuse & Pets

I produced and edited this video on how 50% of women with pets delay leaving an abuser because of fear of what will happen to their pet, featuring an interview with Shari about her experience and exclusive access inside a safehouse in the US that is now pet-friendly. The film was one of the BBC’s most watched videos on the website.

BBC News Online: The childcare lessons transforming violent men

I wrote this feature for the BBC website about the childcare lessons helping to reduce violence against women. The article was translated into several languages across BBC World Service Languages.

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BBC Wales Today: Should parents complain about schools on social media?

My report on whether it is appropriate for parents to complain about teachers and schools on social media became the lead story on all outlets at BBC Wales. Here is my TV report aired on BBC One Wales' Wales Today evening news programme, radio package aired on BBC Radio Wales' Good Morning Wales programme, voice piece aired on BBC Radio Wales bulletins, and online piece which can be read here. 

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BBC Radio 4, Broadcasting House: Austerity, The New York Times and 'The North' 

After the New York Times called Prescot a 'casualty of austerity', some people in the north of England were not best pleased about how the US media depicts their hometowns. I produced this item on Radio 4's Broadcasting House programme on austerity, the New York Times article, and 'The North'. 

BBC Radio 4, PM - How do people rate films? How have they changed in 100 years?

A public consultation showed the public thinks films containing sexual violence should be rated an 18. What types of scenes used to be acceptable that now aren't? And what used to be frowned upon that now isn't? I produced this item for BBC Radio 4's PM programme. 

BBC Radio 4, PM - Should drivers be fined for passing cyclists too close?

Transport ministers are discussing whether drivers should be fined if they pass cyclists too close. I produced this item about the relationship between two and four-wheeled travellers for BBC Radio 4's PM programme. 

BBC Radio 4, PM - What lessons can Britain in drought learn from Cape Town?

Britain's in a heatwave, and some homes are without water. Earlier this year, Cape Town almost ran out of water entirely. What water-saving tips could we learn from residents of Cape Town? I produced this item for BBC Radio 4's PM programme. 

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BBC Wales Today: The Newport nightclub blaze that destroyed a church 

My TV report on the fire that destroyed a church in Newport after starting in a nightclub, aired on BBC One Wales' Wales Today evening news programme.

BBC Radio Wales: 70 Years of the Windrush Generation in Wales - how are they treated? 

Leonard Lawrence moved to Wales from Jamaica in 1960 - a member of the Windrush Generation. He played a huge role in rebuilding Britain after the war, building everything from docks to motorways. But says he was treated like a slave. Here is my radio package, aired on BBC Radio Wales's Good Morning Wales programme. The online feature can be read here. 

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BBC Radio Wales, BBC News Online, BBC Wales Today: £77,000 of fund intended to help people struggling with rent sent back to UK government

This investigation I did through the Freedom of Information Act revealed that councils in Wales were sending back £77,000 to Westminster from a pot of money intended for Discretionary Housing Payments to help people on housing benefits with rent shortfalls. Kelly, a widow with four children from Merthyr, applied for a DHP when she was in rent arrears but was told she wasn't priority need and that funds were limited. The investigation was the lead story on BBC Wales News Online, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Wales Today (TV). On BBC Radio Wales' Good Morning Wales I did a live 2-way, package, and voice piece and on Good Evening Wales we ran my interview with Kelly. 

The online feature can be read here: Discretionary housing payments: Councils criticised for unspent money

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BBC Radio Wales: #IAmEmbolden - The awards recognising the achievements of disabled women in Wales 

The #IAmEmbolden awards at the Welsh Assembly run by Disability Wales recognise the achievements of deaf and disabled women in Wales. Here is my package report, aired on BBC Radio Wales' Good Evening Wales programme, and the audio interviews I edited for Good Evening Wales. 

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BBC Radio Wales: Creative writing workshops giving a voice to asylum seekers and refugees

Eric Ngalle Charles runs creative writing workshops for asylum seekers and refugees in Swansea to help overcome the traumas of migration. Here is my package report, aired on BBC Radio Wales' Good Morning Wales programme. The online article can be read here.

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BBC Radio Wales: India Wales - The artistic collaboration between two nations 

India Wales is a season of fourteen artistic collaborations between the two nations to forge relations between artists in both countries and to bring some of the best work from India to Wales. This package, aired on BBC Radio Wales' Good Evening Wales programme, speaks to some of the cast and production team behind one of the plays and talks about how the production hopes to bust stereotypes around South Asian women. 

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BBC Radio Wales: How can we entice more young women to stand in elections?

A new scheme hopes to attract more young women to get involved in politics and stand for election. Here is my package report from the day, aired on BBC Radio Wales' Good Evening Wales programme.

BBC Radio Wales: The Great British Heatwave 

On the hottest day on record for April, I went down to Barry Island to speak to people on the beach for BBC Radio Wales' Good Morning Wales programme, and did a live report for BBC Radio Wales' Good Evening Wales. 

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BBC Radio Wales: "We live in darkness, even on the sunniest of days"

As we all get excited about longer spring days around the corner, living in the shadow of tall trees mean these residents live in darkness even on the sunniest of days. Here is my package and bulletins voicer report, aired on BBC Radio Wales' Good Morning Wales programme and The Jason Mohammad Show

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BBC Radio Wales: Live report on The Commonwealth Games

As Sally Peake the pole-vaulter was about to compete, I spoke to her colleagues and clients at a local physiotherapy clinic live for BBC Radio Wales' Good Morning Wales programme. 

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BBC Radio Wales: Christopher Paul murder report 

Here is my voice piece report for BBC Radio Wales' bulletins on convicted murderer Christopher Paul breaching his license conditions. 

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BBC Radio Wales: The Beast from the East and Storm Emma lead Radio Wales's Bulletins

Here is my bulletins voicer report on The Beast from the East - the lead story for BBC Radio Wales' bulletins.

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BBC Radio Wales: What are your thoughts on smartphones at the dinner table? 

Here are my vox pops with residents of Cardiff to hear their views on the matter, aired on BBC Radio Wales' Good Evening Wales programme. 

BBC Radio Wales: Calls for UK Government to improve electrical product safety standards - here is Michelle Harvey's story.

Michelle Harvey's house caught alight after a faulty dishwasher that came with the house set fire. Her children's belongings and memories were destroyed. Here's my interview with her in full, extracts from which were aired on BBC Radio Wales bulletins. 

BBC Radio Wales: An artist with bipolar disorder hopes her art will help people understand the condition 

Here is my radio package about Cerys Knighton and her work - aired on BBC Radio Wales' Good Morning Wales programme. Watch the Facebook and Twitter video here, and read the article here. 

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BBC Radio Wales: After #MeToo, how can we tackle sexual assault through education?

The Schools Consent Project has taught sex education, consent, and the laws around sexting to thousands of school children in the UK. Here is the package I produced for BBC Radio Wales' Good Evening Wales programme, gathered by our reporter in North Wales.


BBC News Online: How to make more women run in politics

Fifteen years ago, the Welsh assembly was heralded as the first legislature in the world to have achieved a 50:50 gender balance. But in recent years, more men have taken up political roles in the assembly as the number of women standing at elections fell.

BBC News Online: Erasmus loss post-Brexit 'would be massive' in Wales

Wales faces a "mountain to climb" if access to European study opportunities is not secured post-Brexit, a founder of Erasmus has said.

BBC News Online: Public space orders 'make innocent behaviour offences' 

There are now almost 390 public space protection orders to tackle anti-social behaviour in Wales, new figures from my Freedom of Information investigation show. Read and watch the digital video: 

BBC News Online: Forgotten history: The black missionaries of Colwyn Bay

As Wales has been observing Black History Month, the near-forgotten story of the African Training Institute in Colwyn Bay, known locally as the Congo House, has received renewed interest.

BBC News Online: 'I was told I needed open heart surgery at 20'

A woman who was told she would need open heart surgery aged 20 is campaigning to raise awareness of heart disease in young people. Read and watch the digital video: 

BBC News Online: Welsh students lack 'confidence' to apply to Oxbridge

Welsh students lack the confidence to apply to Oxbridge, an access fellow at Oxford's Jesus college has said.

BBC News Online: Welsh council plan could scrap veterans' burial fees

Burial and cremation fees for veterans, servicemen and servicewomen could be scrapped in one area of Wales.

BBC News Online: Empty homes: 'Blight' of 23,000 properties in Wales

There are at least 23,000 private properties sitting empty in Wales, with some councils bringing less than 1% back into use, my Freedom of Information request has found.

BBC News Online: Mothers hold Cardiff march for better employment rights

Mothers have taken part in a Cardiff march calling for better employment rights. Read and watch the digital video:

BBC News Online: Newport council could impose ban on all begging in city

All begging and groups gathering in Newport city centre could be banned under new proposals to be put before the city's council.

BBC News Online: Welsh recycling should be 'less reliant' on exporting

China's ban on foreign waste from this month has prompted calls to reprocess more recycled material in Wales.

BBC News Online: Syrian refugee families to be housed in Llandrindod Wells

Six families of Syrian refugees will join the 12 already resettled in Powys, under a new council proposal.

BBC News Online: Cardiff cycling: £500k to boost activities and coaching

A £500,000-a year sponsorship deal aimed at getting more people cycling in Cardiff has been agreed by the city council.

BBC News Online: Storms kill two thirds of Skomer Island's seal pups

More than two thirds of the seal pups on Pembrokeshire's Skomer Island have been killed in recent storms, according to a wildlife charity.

BBC News Online: 'Magnet' fishing hobby hooks WW2 bomb on canal

A woman using magnets to fish for underwater treasure ended up pulling an unexploded World War Two shell from a canal.

BBC News Online: Morriston Hospital rebuilds cancerous jaws with 3D printing

A surgical team at Swansea's Morriston Hospital has created a technique to reconstruct jaws affected by cancer using 3D printing. 

BBC News Online: Cardiff Spar stores breathalyse drunk customers

Two Cardiff city centre supermarkets are using breathalysers to avoid serving intoxicated customers.

BBC News Online: Hate crimes in Wales up by 22%, Home Office data shows

There were 500 more hate crimes in Wales this year - a rise of 22%, according to the latest figures.

BBC News Online: Wrexham council planning charges for disabled parking

Wrexham council is being recommended to introduce car parking charges for disabled parking.

BBC News Online: 'Excalibur' sword in stone stolen from Brecon Beacons

A popular sword in the stone tourist attraction at Llangorse Lake near Brecon, based on King Arthur's Excalibur, has been stolen.

BBC News Online: Jamie Oliver tribute to 'gifted' producer Patricia Llewellyn

A Carmarthenshire producer who helped launch the television careers of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, has died.

BBC News Online: Dog attacks on postal workers appalling, Cardiff conference told

Calls for the use of dog licences have been renewed with attacks on postal staff reaching "epidemic proportions".

BBC News Online: Hurricane Ophelia washes a sea turtle onto Welsh shore

A Leatherback sea turtle was found washed up on Anglesey on Tuesday after the winds from Hurricane Ophelia.

BBC News Online: £100m fund to regenerate areas in need in Wales

A new £100m regeneration programme aimed at "driving prosperity and building resilient communities" is set to be launched.

BBC News Online: Call to report more animal road deaths to help save others

More animals could be saved if people report where they are being killed on Wales' roads, it has been claimed.

BBC News Online: £4m Natural Resources Wales scheme to improve rare bogs

A major conservation project to improve some of Wales' rarest bog lands is being launched.